Issue #6 March 2016
Detail from Rubble by Amy Casey

Steve Dondlinger

The mountains weren't a spaceship, but they would have to do

We took the advice of animals
and grew a skin of our surroundings

so what could not be outrun
caused us to become invisible.

We searched the heights but could not see
our souls attached to bone by string.

The mountain peaks bloomed and burned
our swollen, moonlit feet

as our boots collected rocks like astronauts
just to prove that we had been there.

My wallet contains photos of my loved ones primarily as a means of building sympathy among my captors in a hostage situation

Do you see how we are smiling?
It's sincere. It's priceless.
It is everything you are fighting for.

We are more similar than you think.
We both had eggs for breakfast.
I bought that same shirt at Target.

Let me tell you a secret to build some trust.
Once I told my future wife I was meeting friends.
Then I just went home and took a nap.

Now please pick up the phone.
Tell them we won't come out
until our demands are met.