Detail from I Built This for You by Tim Frisch

Kyle Harvey

c/o the Fourth Circle of Hell

Dear Mr. Sherman Alexie,

I’ve given it some thought
and there’s a handful of people
in addition to Jimmy Durante
that I find may be able to start a small religion:

          Daniel Suelo
          Philip Seymour Hoffman (could have)
          Jake Bellows
          Jack Mueller (already has, but there are maybe only 3 or 4 of us –
                                     is there a minimum requirement?)

These are right off the top of my head, of course.
I’m sure there are many more.
I’ll be sure to write if I think of any.

I would also like to make a suggestion in regards to


Entire religions are based on coincidence.

Coincidence implies a kind of casual acceptance.
Might you consider replacing coincidence with nonsense?



Entire religions are based on nonsense.

What with such a conversational burning bush and all…

If I was on fire, I wouldn’t be nearly as calm.
Can you imagine?

Arms flailing
(or branches, rather)

I’m on fire! I’m on fire!
Please! Moses, please! Put me out!